Dr. Monica® Weight Loss Program Phase 1

is the first step of Dr. Monica® Weight Loss Management Program. Phase 1 includes the following supplements: Dr. Monica® Skinny Shake and Dr. Monica® PURE Packs. The program will help you lose weight and improve the way you function and feel by removing toxic compounds which are stored on fat cells throughout your body and could be making you ill. When you eliminate these toxins your liver, kidneys, intestines, and other major organs become purified. At the same time, you balance both the overstimulated and under-active hormones that have caused the cravings and weight gain you have experienced. The course of Phase 1 is 30 days.  During this phase you will be surprised to find out that you can eat a variety of foods from lists that we have prepared exclusively for you. Remember it’s not a diet; there is no calorie counting and meal-restrictions. To my surprise, I discovered that most weight gain is related to hormonal imbalances caused by certain foods, additives, and stressors that we encounter on a daily basis and to a lesser extent to the quantities of food that we eat. With that in mind, I decided to develop a program that takes care these issues and fits the needs of an individual living in today’s society. This program will give you the tools and the knowledge to maintain a consistent healthy weight and lifestyle for the years to come. Food will become your medicine and   medicine your food. You will try new foods, discover new ways to eat healthy, feel and look great, and most of all have a lot of energy & fun!
September 26, 2016 by MONICA TALEBNIA

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